image.jpegThere’s no better feeling than your kid running to you after a bad dream. Only because they have genuine faith in you to protect them from whatever they fear. Grayson came crying to me a few minutes ago because of a nightmare, and after a minute of reassurance, he fell fast asleep in my arms. These moments mean EVERYTHING to me. For years I thought suicide was the only answer. Ending my life was surely the only way to easy all the pain I had endured all my life. Now as I hold my three year old, I genuinely feel purpose. I was put here to protect his and his brothers innocence from the evils I know exist, not only of their nightmares, but of the real world. Thank you God for giving me purpose. I will do everything I can to cherish these moments.


Author: ChristinaMarie

I am currently a student at Houston Community College, hoping to transfer to the University of Houston in 2017. Being a survivor of domestic violence and severe child abuse myself, I believe that other survivors should empower themselves by enabling their voices and speaking out against child abuse. If we don't enable our voices, the current and future victims will not have one. I am hoping to work with the NCADV to create awareness of this problem at Houston Community College this year. Please help me spread my story!

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